The application process is fast, simple and secure. It can take you five minutes to fill out our simple application form, If approved, you will generally receive funding options and offers within a few hours.

We know it can be intimidating and often confusing figuring out how to apply for business capital. AddOn strives to remove all kinds of confusion from this process.

Our application process is FREE.

Generally, the complete financing process takes 1-3 days after being approved.


AddOn minimums are 500 Fico Score, 5+ Months in business, and at least $5,000.00 month revenue.

As long as you are not actively involved in a bankruptcy case, it is very rare for a past closed bankruptcy to turn out to be a problem.

No. Although we have programs focused on credit cards, it is never a requirement to accept credit cards. Changing processors is almost never a requirement.

Although personal credit is part of the typical underwriting process, other factors such as the vitality of your business are very important.


AddOn minimums are 500 Fico Score, 5+ Months in business, and at least $5,000.00 month revenue.

Most of these programs are paid within a 4-12 month period.

There are no restrictions on use.


AddOn is an online platform that connects small and medium sized business with the business capital. AddOn's has streamlined the business funding process to eliminate unnecessary steps and fees. Our efficiency not only makes it easier to get business capital, it translates into the competitive rates. No, third-party brokers, no hard credit checks, just easy funds delivered directly to your bank account.

We take the security and protection of personal information very seriously. For this reason, we employ the most secure data encryption technology in the industry.

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